Oct 20, 2013

How to solve the most common tech support problems yourself (Part 2)

How to solve the most common tech support problems yourself







Writer by nisharulhasan

Whether you’re dealing with your dad’s decade-old computer or your own custom-built gaming rig, troubleshooting PC problems is a part of everyday

life. I spoke to some of the best support reps in the business about the most common problems they fix—and how you can do it yourself.

Popup ads is appear on pc

Though you are not run your net browser and is quite get popup ads on pc, you have must like installed ad-ware programs that displays without wanted ads. If  benevolent adware state,  many time adware are up no best. Getrid it isn't simple. “There is ton of simple way-utility tool they are promise to clear all in all, with name likely Computer  Speed, PC Speed Pro. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free, a great utility for removing all types of malware. Just make sure to disable your standard antivirus software before running it.
Running all scan with credible virus software your 1ST way. Though that program does not look and delete the adware, turn to .“Multiple antivirus programs working at the same time will often result in problems.

My Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting

Spotty wireless connections can be a puzzler. Is it your computer? Your router? Your ISP? Try a few things before calling your Internet service provider.

Confirm that your computer is within range of your wireless router. Weak signals mean weak connections. Next, make sure your PC’s wireless card has the latest drivers. Try letting Windows troubleshoot for you by right-clicking the Wi-Fi icon in the taskbar and selecting Troubleshoot problems.

I keeptseeing ‘There is a problem with this website’s security certificate’

Sometimes the biggest problems have the easiest fixes. According to support technicians, the lion’s share of issues are due to an incorrect system clock.

The problem is probably with your computer.

Web site protection accreditation synchronize plan your own computer’s time clock. Aged computer systems particularly operate the chance of possessing a lifeless CMOS battery-the view electric battery within your pc that will bring the program time clock ticking. Click on the time clock within the program holder and choose Modify day as well as period configurations to fix any kind of problems.

The inkjet printer will not print out
Let us imagine your own printer’s motorists tend to be caught up, which they have sufficient papers as well as printer ink or even toner in order to print out. Attempt switching the actual inkjet printer on / off. Disconnect the actual inkjet printer as well as connect this in. Look at your printer’s print out line searching for your inkjet printer symbol within the program holder as well as double clicking this. The actual print out line teaches you the actual position of every work along with the common position of the inkjet printer.
The actual print out line is the better option with regard to repair inkjet printer problems-just ensure that ‘Use Inkjet printer Offline’ is not chosen.
Make sure that ‘Use Inkjet printer Offline’ is not examined. Occasionally, publishing whilst your own inkjet printer is actually switched off may cause Home windows to your own inkjet printer to operate off-line, and can not work work delivered later on.
We can not open up e-mail accessories

Have you ever experienced a good add-on which you could not open up, it had been most likely since you did not possess the software program essential to see the document.
In case you do not have Stone Readers or any other PDF-compatible system, a person will not have the ability to open up which TPS statement.

The typical believe may be the. pdf file document, that you may down load a totally free PDF FILE readers. In case your issue requires an alternative extendable, a bit of research within the attachment’s document expansion (the 3 characters following the time period within the filename) shows which kind of system you will need. When the add-on does not have personal files expansion (which may occur if this had been renamed), including this back again ought to arranged points correct.

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