Nov 1, 2013

How you can Publishing easily your Podcast on iTunes






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Read my article and get more tips for how you can easily Publishing your Podcast on iTunes.......

One: Host the Podcast Files

You have need to  replace host your podcast file. You could create account for a web-hosting id, or though you are finding free option, only upload your every thing podcast on

Google Drive.

Two: Make the Cover photo

Make a 1400×1400 pixel size photo file in one as like JPG or PNG format who would be able to  used  album cover for podcast show. You might get knowledge the cover photos of podcast list on the Podcast Gallery. Though you are keeping text on the cover expert, it also would be reading able when photo are down to 50×50 pixels.

3: Undertake the Label

Choose an additional typical label as well as connect this your own each and every blogs which is produce available too the podcasting. Instance, make use of the “podcast” label. notice the actual label.


(Self-hosted WordPress)

4: change Podcasting within your Blogs
(For Word-Press users)

Create 1 article your own Word-Press dial as well as connect label “podcast” to that particular article. Right now create a carry on website link part this particular Word-Press article as well as stage in an additional sound or even movie podcasting document. Distribute your site article.

(It is actually Blogger)

SIGN IN YOUR OWN your own Tumblr accounts as well as proceed tumblr dial, straight down Configurations, choose an additional. option Indeed for your establishing which state “Enable Name Hyperlinks as well as Housing Hyperlinks. ” compared to stored the actual altering.

Create a brand new article within Tumblr as well as broaden hyperlinks choose below Article Configurations. Insert the actual Link to your personal podcasting document straight down Enc lo certain Hyperlinks. Simply broaden labels area as well as change the packaging “podcast” for your article. compared to Distribute.
5: Produce a good i-tunes Give food to

You might have change each and every pod-casts your site as well as assistant associated with the actual “podcast” tag, your own Feed tend to be allow when we possess have to change a few an additional iTunes-specific information this particular give food to because the podcasting group.

It really is very easily perform along with assist Give food to Furnace. Proceed feedburner. com as well as insert WEB ADDRESS your own podcasting Feed which is classified by Step three. it really is allow checkbox “I feel the podcaster” click on Following.

Option anybody title with regard to Feed, click on Following as well as option “Skip straight give food to administration. ” Option SmartCast under the Improve Tabs and allow “Include i-tunes pod-casting components. ”Fully total the actual i-tunes contact form compared to conserve modifications.

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