Oct 10, 2013

Make Keyboard Shortcuts for ur iPhone and iPad

I am nisharulhasan 
Today  i share with you to make Make Keyboard Shortcuts.

Follow my article and get more important solution.

Tips one : If you want get to write  some characters with on word marks , simply tap and keep it the corresponding alphabet key for a while and it will be pop-up a list of related on word characters for you to choose from. Do not  release the key before making a selection else the chose you  will get out of eyes.

Tips two: When you are do type word  sentence  double-tap the space bar on your keyboard and it will be automatically take inter a dot  followed by a space. The next alphabet that your writing type will be written in upper case without you have to press the Shift baton.

Tips three: The iOS keyboard is also nice and  smart at adding apostrophes. For example, though you want to need to write “does not”, only forget the apostrophe and quickly type “does not” – the keyboard will get automatically inter, the apostrophe at the appropriate place. You can also press and hold the comma key to get the apostrophe without switching to the numeric keyboard. it is also.

Tips four: The numeric keyboard (.?123) on your iOS device showing the dollar picture by generally. However, though you have need write type the Pound or the Euro currency symbol, only hold the $ key and you will shows a longtime  list of alternative currency symbols picture.

Tips five : Though you want to get change the older style of quotation marks or have  need to using  a longer dash punctuation mark instead of the default hyphen, press and also hold the corresponding key.  For type the degree symbol in your personal email message, switch to the number keyboard and hold the ’0′ key for a while.

Tips six: Type the ful sentence in big letters is often deep mind rude but there are also can be instances where you may have to write type a some word or two in bigger case.
In the default setting, you will to have to tap the Shift key after type all single character or you can “Enable Caps Lock” under Settings –> General –> Keyboard and then double-tap the shift key to turn it in a Capslock key. They will also stay dark until you press the key replay.
Tips seven: Only you are inside the Safari browser, type while the domain name and then press and hold the dot (.) key. It will offer to you an option to add popular domain extensions like .com, .org or .net to your web address with a tap.

Tips eight: While You can also use the dot key in the Mail apps of your own iPhone or iPad to type email addresses quickly. Only you  typing an email address in Mail, press and hold the dot (.) key and you will go a list of domain extension to auto-complete your email address.
Tips nine : You can also piece the iPad keyboard in two and write  type fast with both your hands while holding the device. While the on-screen keyboard is visible, press and hold the keyboard icon in the lowe right and choice the Split option. though the option is not available on your iPad, go to your Settings -> General -> Keyboard and toggle the Split Keyboard option.

Thanks for reading my article , If you have any problem you can comment me. 

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